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Singer/Songwriter, Actress at SGAG


1. Annette Lee (李安) is a Singaporean filmmaker, actor, and singer-songwriter. She is best known as a comedian on local media page SGAG, where she is well recognised among netizens and watched by more than 1 million people monthly.

2. A storyteller at heart, Annette sees her work in film, comedy and music as ways of telling tales that can touch lives.

3. Annette finds her musical influences in both electronic pop and indie-rock, and released her debut 5-song EP, “All Our Achilles Heels” in September 2017, produced by Grammy award-winning producers Scott Cash and Ed Cash.

4. Depending on Annette’s schedule, she is able to do hosting, emcee-ing, singing, performing etc.

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1 day ago

Annette Lee

my dog is pretty much the biggest mood to all of us who have had that one bad day where we just can’t be bothered to fight with life no matter how much crap is thrown at us ... See MoreSee Less

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ps. if you happen to be having that one bad day today, hope this vid lifts your spirit a little! tbh it was me when i was subtitling this vid and i cheered up in the process😂 here’s praying tomorrow treats you better!🤪🌈✨✨

This is too cute!!!!

1 day ago

Annette Lee

Me: before and after 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Me: before and after 😂

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Amazing transformation! So mischevious-looking then. Wait!! Still mischevious-looking now too!!! 😘

Awww so cute.

Looks like CLIF5 the xiao feng ze daughter

Barely any difference 🤣 or just more pretty as you grew up.🤔


3 days ago

Annette Lee

having problems flirting with boys? well you’re in luck, because here i am giving excellent advice to all of you, through my girl pam. you’re welcome✌🏻

Catch our new series ‘Guide The Goondu’ every alternate Friday on Youtube, only on @nubbadtv! 1st episode is out now - link is in the comments!

(disclaimer: this is obviously not to be taken seriously i am not an actual expert lol. also if i‘ve added any variant of ‘haha’ to the end of my msgs to you i am not flirting with you ok calm down bois n gals)
... See MoreSee Less

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Check out the full video at

I love it when you told Pam to stay away from your husband. 😂

Steady Poon pee pee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yesss I got my top fan badge. What are my privileges and entitlements?

My emoji to Annette..😍😘

Can ladies just be direct to the point? Guys are also concerned if we may be reading your messages wrongly and then accused of taking it the wrong way, just incase we might get it wrong coz you ladies are soooo blurred.



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