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I specialize in bringing together a wide variety of genres including EDM, trance, techno, house, rock, indie, hip hop, and latin, just to name a few, to cater to any special event or occasion—weddings, corporate events, festivals, birthdays, you name it—and I always aim to have a good time so that you will too! So, if you’re fancying a reliable DJ who’s neither too flashy nor expensive, I’m your guy. That said, I ply my trade mostly in the underground scene with the alias DJ Psykopuff under the label 7 Colours Records (search for “psykopuff” on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to find out more) while also doing major public events such as Artbox and Chingay. In addition, I provide audio equipment set up and services as well if you’re planning to run an event from scratch, and I can edit/mashup songs if there’s something specific you want to be played. Just tell me about the venue and your needs and I’ll settle the rest 😉

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I'm really just a chill guy who didn't go to school for this and yet shows up and smashes my gigs, so here's a bunch of testimonials I've amassed over the years:

"I'm impressed with Jose's versatility. He can bring out the maximum potential [of music] with just a basic DJ deck; respect and kudos!"
- FW

"Jose has a definitive style of music that is edgy and fun. His versatility extends from old school rock to psytrance music. Don’t just take my word for it! Listen to him on Mixcloud."
- KQ

"His music makes hours seem like minutes, and makes you wish it never ends."
- YT

"As someone lucky enough to experience his gigs before, I can say that Jose reads the crowd well and selects the right tunes. If you are in search for a slice of infectious euphoric trance tunes, don't miss Jose's gigs."
- YX

"His music really brings people together. Always a good night when he’s on the decks."
- BT

"Has an innate feel of what works coupled with deep knowledge of songs, making Jose a wizard at live sets."
- ST

"His sets connect you to the music and send the feels through you."
- MT

"Hailing from the local trance community, Psykopuff busted through the doors of the Singapore scene in 2016 with a series of mixes titled Audiophernalia, which some have called a deeper state of trance. Psykopuff’s refusal to conform have led to standout mixes like 'Some Technical Problems' and 'When You Don't Like Kents', appealing to both trance and non-trance fans alike."
- RL

"Dope stuff; prepare to be immersed! There's nothing like a DJ with a PhD."
- ST

"I really enjoyed his set. A good mix of familiar crowdbangers and fresh tunes!"
- GA

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Michelle Kwek:: definitely you hehe 😂👍❤️

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From: $100.00

I provide first and foremost DJ services, which includes management of music, ambience, and song curation tailored to the specific needs of clients across a wide range of genres (edm, trance, techno, house, hiphop, latin, rock, top 40s, etc) for any kind of event (e.g., weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, etc), as well as audio tech set up and management services. That is, if you need AV equipment for your event and venue (e.g., speakers, mixers, mics, lights, visuals, special effects etc), that’s also well within the range of my services 👍.

Price range
Variable-rate of $100/hr for the first two hours.
Followed by $75/hr for subsequent hours.