10 Dos and Don't of Planning Your Dream Wedding

10 Dos and Don’t of Planning Your Dream Wedding

Are you getting married? Most people these days choose to DIY their wedding instead of using a wedding planner. This is definitely possible but planning a dream wedding is also tricky and not as easy. Here are some tips to help other brides-to-be on making their dream wedding come true with 10 dos and don’ts of wedding planning.

1. Find out what you really want

A wedding celebration should reflect the couple’s personalities and preferences. So, before deciding on a theme, dig deeper to find out what you really want to do and have on your wedding day. If you love everything romantic and feminine, while your partner is someone really close to nature. Try to compromise and incorporate those elements that both of you can agree. For example,  designing a modern rustic theme that is full of flowers yet natural and simple.

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2. Don’t follow trends that are not you

With hundreds and thousands of inspiration and trends you could find in magazines, wedding websites or social media, it can be overwhelming for brides-to-be. Remember, just because it’s trending and popular, doesn’t mean it will suit your personality. If you have always been leaning to things that are simple, classic and timeless. Make sure you design according to what you like as you will be looking at your wedding photos in the years to come. You don’t want to regret any of your decisions just because it was trendy during that period.

3. Prioritize on what’s important

For most couples, celebrating this special moment with their loved ones is the most important thing, even beyond the wedding celebration itself. From the start, prioritize on how to spend the most time with them, instead of throwing an ultra-glamorous party to wow other people or fishing for compliments

4. Don’t comply with other people’s expectations or peer pressure

Undeniably, some brides-to-be feel like they have to follow some wedding rules simply to fulfill other people’s expectations or bow down to peer pressure. This is your wedding, so don’t throw your wedding for someone else. It’s your wedding and you should enjoy yourself at your own wedding. Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you want and speak up when someone pushes you to do anything you dislike. You can’t please all your guests, but you should try your best to make you and your loved ones happy.

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5. Don’t try to be someone else

Like we mentioned earlier, a wedding should reflect the couple’s personality, so don’t try to be someone else. Simply try to be the best version of yourself. It is important to pick out the wedding attire & makeup style that suit you and avoid trying to look so different than you usually do. For example, if you do not usually wear contact lenses, then don’t wear it on your wedding day as you will look very different.

6. Get help from the professionals if you need

Especially for busy couples, don’t hesitate to get help from experienced and professional vendors. Don’t push yourself to tackle all DIY projects or finish the tasks yourself. Have someone experienced to help you. This could be your siblings, friends or an experienced professional vendor to help with all the planning process.

7. Don’t compete with other people’s wedding

Your friend might have a grand wedding, wearing a certain type of dress from a particular designer, and eating cake with a certain amount of tiers, but you should refrain yourself from competing with other people’s wedding. Weddings are not a competition. Don’t focus on the things you saw on other people’s events. Stick to your own personality and budget, that way you can have a personalized wedding no one else had before,


8. Always be positive and grateful

Wedding planning can be stressful and exhausting. If you focus on the things that are lacking, tasks that are not done or something that is different from your request, it may have a negative impact on your relationship and suck up the mood of the couple. You may feel exhausted or tired sometimes but remember about your goal which is to become husband and wife at the end of the day. That is what matters the most. Think of the positives, and be grateful for one another.

9. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

It is fine for a bride to dream as big as she can throughout the wedding planning process. But to have a realistic expectation is just as important. For example, you may love to have an outdoor wedding under the stars, but looking at the number of guests invited and the space provided by the venue, it may not be realistic to host it outdoor. So perhaps you can hold the cocktail session outdoor while the main event remains in the ballroom.

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10. Enjoy your moments

During the wedding planning process, don’t forget to spend some time having dinner with your best friends or indulging in your hobbies and beauty treatments to help you relax. On the day, don’t focus on the flowers’ colors that are different from what you wished for or unwanted weather. Your guests won’t notice those minor errors. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. Therefore, do enjoy every moment you go through as it will be a lifelong memory to cherish forever.

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