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With everything from high-impact custom creative units to expertly crafted native content and social amplification, we help you tell your story—beautifully, strategically, and in all the right places.

advertise with us

We understand your business relevance, reach, profile and preference, to reflect your brand values and share your message effectively.


Through our marketing experience and expertise, we create a derive innovative solutions to help you achieve your advertising goals.


We leverage on social media and advertising platforms within our network to create an integrated marketing campaign for your brand.​​


Large or small, we have the expertise to create an event or giveaway that drives coverage, build excitement and best convey your brand's message with advocates and influencers.

Advertising Options

Sponsored Post

Also know as advertorial, sponsored posts are more educational than a traditional ad. It carries extra weight because its coming from an influencer or publication.


We do promotions and giveaways on our blog and social media accounts to help you generate buzz around your brand.

Featured Content

Seamlessly integrates within our editorial content, giving you a long-form opportunity to speak directly to our audiences.
*Terms and conditions apply

Sponsored Post

Short, sweet, and straight to the point, sponsored posts will be integrated within our editorial content, providing you with a platform to speak directly to our audiences. Great for event and product promotion—or to spread the word about a new campaign or a giveaway—sponsored posts are amplified across our social media channels. Once you have created your post, send it to us and will publish your sponsored post on our blog and social media accounts.


Giveaways are a fun way through which you can please your customers. It is a great way of advertising as it creates brand awareness and loyalty. However, it needs to be executed correctly. This is where our advertising expertise comes in. To help you strategise and tap on our distribution network for the greatest reach. This can eventually results in increased sales as more and more people are attracted towards your company. 

giveaway campaign

Featured Content

Concepted, researched, and created in-house in the RedSuperstar. Our native custom content seamlessly integrates within our editorial content, giving you a long-form opportunity to speak directly to our audiences. It’s everything from brand interviews, business tips to event coverage—we’ll dream it up with your input and deliver high-impact content that lives on our blog permanently. All custom content is amplified across our social media channels.

*This exclusive service is only available for vendors on a ‘Premium’ subscription plan

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